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Get our latest book "Come Closer: A Pathway to Sacred Intimacy"

Come Closer is a love call which invites couples to walk into sacred intimacy. It is about the human need for relationship & the love of God. In the pages of this guidebook, people learn how they can protect trust and love in the soul of their relationship and how to start on the road to recovery when trust has been injured. The authors illustrate how pornography is false intimacy. They show how pornography, drugs and extramarital affairs work to drain couples emotionally and undermine trust, hopefulness, affection and God’s love.  


The authors offer real & practical insight for anyone who is experiencing distressed intimacy, & those who find themselves in the middle of relationship upheaval. This book explains biological intimacy, commitment, affection, and the bonding power of intimate love. While all people, both single & married, believers & non-believers, can benefit from the principles shared here, this book is not recommended for children nor teens, due to its intimate subject matter.

“Intimacy and especially sensuality (even in marriage) seems to be a taboo topic in the church. It is refreshing to learn from Christian leaders that a healthy marriage with intimacy in its proper context is beautiful and should be taught and talked about so that we can achieve it on purpose. We are inspired by this couple who is willing to tackle one of the greatest needs in our church community today.”

Hector & Yasmin Acosta

Lancaster, California
Salvation Army Officers

“The Come Closer Encounter was a great event—it was packed with insight and knowledge concerning relationships and the driving force that intimacy with God creates within the familial dynamic. It also offered a unique balance of academic research and spiritual application, which helped us to comprehend the importance of developing a relationship with the Lord, so that we can adequately relate to one another. We highly recommend for all those, who desire a better understanding of a fruitful and intimate relationship with God and their spouse, to attend this wonderful forum.”

JD & Joy Hughes

Lancaster, California


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