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The Seven Virtues

Authentic Principles for Living a Powerful Life from the Beatitudes of Jesus 

We encounter the Beatitudes of Jesus on this Journey through the Caribbean. Dr. Isaac James Schaeffer delivers a captivating description of the Seven Virtues of Jesus set within a nautical saga of his visit to seven islands. This adventure transports us to a new place of personal discovery. It sets the foundation for better health, increased happiness, and stronger relationships. As a pastoral counselor and Caribbean native, Dr. Isaac shares the pivotal moments that convinced him that the Seven Virtues are far beyond luck; they are truly blessed.

The Beatitudes of Jesus are the ageless and priceless gifts he provides to us, which transform us as we embrace them. The eternal truths of the Beatitudes of Jesus help us become the people we were created to be—moral, loving, courageous, compassionate, and resilient. 

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Come Closer


Come Closer is a love call that invites you to walk into sacred intimacy. This book is about the human need for relationships and the love of God. In the pages of this guidebook, you will learn how to protect trust, love, and communication in the soul of your relationships and how to start on the road to recovery when you have been injured.

Some topics include:

  • The power of sexual attraction

  • The biochemistry of intimacy

  • Protecting trust, love & and communication in life-long relationships

  • Sexual addictions

  • Freedom from emotional sex

The authors illustrate how stress, pornography, substance abuse, & and extramarital affairs work to drain you of closeness and emotional energy. Discover how you can regain trust, hopefulness, affection, and faith in God. This book offers real and practical insight for developing a fulfilling romance and cultivating spiritual relationships. It explains the power of bonding love. All people, both single and married, believers, and non-believers, can benefit from the principles shared here.

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